Artist Statement

In contemporary art, the fundamental elements of subject, material, color, and composition have independently declared itself, in its raw rendition, the stylistic characterization of works of art. In particular, the element of material in post-constructivism emerged as a critical issue in sculpture, which by nature has ostensibly manifested itself as the basis of sculpture.

The types of material I frequent in my work are mere scraps of metal that are warped and bemused, fallen off of broken vessels/ instruments exhausted of any use. Amassed, I seek to find the instinctive nature of human subconscious wanton in timeless oblivion. the accidental and improvisational forms surfacing through assemblage of found object my methodology of expression embody a hybrid of realistic to abstract representation.

Fragment and alienated contours of a form are made into lines, from line to line into surface, which as a whole present a convoluted structure that viscreate from within. The rough texture and geometric component of the surface are treated with color, articulating the internal turbulence. Here, the recurrent color treatment, a blend between reds and obscure, evokes a thematic narrative; however, the primary concern in my sculpture is one’s vicarious experience of war ( both symbolic and real ) through corporeality in which the metaphoric voyage of the material leads to the inner core.

Through the obscure, the distorted and the objectified persona we plunge ourselves into the brewing energy resting in the subliminal. These forms are foretelling of human plight, societal alienation, and universal suffering which in turn has the potential to invigorate humanity into life’s grater force. By probing into the intrinsic nature of materiality I have attempted to awaken our raw sense, reconciling the internal rupture that dislocated the subconscious at birth.

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