Kim, Czong Ho is the founder and president of CICA Museum. He received his BFA and MFA from Hong-ik University, and MFA from State University of New York at New Palze. He served as a professor of Fine Art Department at Sangmyung University and a visiting professor at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

Since 1979, his works have been exhibited in New York, LA, and Seoul, Korea through solo and group shows, and international sculpture symposiums.

While designing and building his studio himself in Gimpo in 1994, Czong Ho understood art in various contexts of architecture, environment, and nature. In 2004, he built and opened his gallery. In 2006, he founded CICA Museum to promote public understanding of art in the belief that art can change our life and culture as a whole.


김종호 CICA대표는 홍익대학과 대학원에서 조소를 전공 후 미국 뉴욕주립대학교 대학원에서 MFA 학위를 취득하였으며, 상명대학교 교수, Hobart and William Smith College에서 초빙교수로 재직하였습니다.

1979년 이래 서울, 뉴욕, LA 등 에서 개인전을 가졌으며, 그룹전, 국제조각 심포지엄을 통해 다수의 작품을 발표하였습니다.

1994년 김포에 작업실을 직접 디자인하고 손수 지으며 작품 뿐만 아니라 건축, 환경, 자연에 대한 많은 체험을 하게 되었습니다. 이후 2006년에는 전시동을 개관하여 일반에 스튜디오를 공개하였습니다. 이러한 과정에서 미술이 생활 문화 전반에 지대한 영향력을 미치는 것을 깨닫고 CICA를 설립하여 일반인에게 미술에 대한 이해를 돕기로 결심하게 되었습니다.



Solo Exbititions

Steel Turns into Sculpture, CICA, Gimpo, Korea, 2015.
Sculpture, Drawing . Voyage, CICA Sobaree, Gimpo, Korea, 2012.
Found Object, Wall Drawing, CICA, Gimpo, Korea, 2010.
Recent Works, CICA, Gimpo, Korea, 2008.
Forms of Found Objects, CICA, Gimpo, Korea, 2006.
Inmo Gallery, Los Angeles, 1999.
CK Studio, Gimpo, Korea, 1996.
Space Saemteo Gallery, Seoul, Korea, 1994.
Cho Hyung Gallery, Seoul, Korea, 1990.
Lotte Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea, 1988.
Pusan Gallery, Pusan, Korea, 1987.
Korea Culture and Arts Fine Art Center, Seoul, Korea, 1986.
Yoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea, 1983.
Seoul American Cultural Center, Seoul, Korea, 1983.
MFA Thesis Exhibition, College Art Gallery, New palze, New York, 1982.
Han Kook Gallery, Collegy Art Gallery, New Palze, New York, 1982.
Sun Gallery, Seoul, Korea, 1979.

Selected Group Exhibitions

The Power of Sculpture, PS 14 Gallery, Pusan, 1999.
9 Contemporary Sculptors’ Show, Hyundai Arts Center, Ulsan, 1999.
New Millennium Exhibition, Series 3, Suggestion, The National Theater of Korea, Seoul, 1999.
Small Sculpture Exhibition, Sun Gallery, Seoul, 1998.
Groupshow”, Cambridge Gallery, Seoul, 1998.
Focus of Contemporary Sculpture, Gum Gallery, Pusan, 1997.
“Groupshow”, Woong Chun Gallery, Seoul, 1997.
Sculpture Now, N Gallery, Masan, 1997.
True Character of Sculpture, Gum Gallery, Pusan, 1995.
Opening Commemorative Exhibition of Mok-Am Museum, Go Yang Shi, 1994.
Seoul International Contemporary Art Festival, National Mordern Art Museum, Seoul, 1994.
Context Sculpture, Cho Hyung Gallery, Seoul, 1993.
Opening Show of Dong-A Gallery, In-Chun, 1992.
Korea Mordern Art Festival, National Mordern Art Museum, Seoul, 1992.
A Symbol of Changing Attitudes, Yea Mek Gallery, Seoul, 1992.
Pusan Art Festival, Pusan, 1991.
Quintessential Materials, Korea Culture and Arts Center, Seoul, 1991.
’90 – New Spirit, Kum Ho Gallery, Seoul, 1990.
’90 Korea Modern Art Festival, National Mordern Art Museum, Seoul, 1990.
Pusan Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Pusan, 1990.
Museum Opening Exhibition of Arts Center, Seoul, 1990.
Opening Exhibition of Gallery Seomi, Seoul, 1989.
“Figure” 5 Sculpture Show, Pusan, 1989.
Small Sculptures, Gallery Seomi, Seoul, 1989.
9 Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Lotte Gallery, Seoul,1989.
Korean contemporary Art Festival, National Mordern Art Museum, Seoul, 1988.
’87 Korea Modern Art Festival, National Mordern Art Museum, Seoul, 1987.
Phases of Expression, Pusan Gallery, Pusan, 1987.
Biennale of Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1987.
The Exhibition of Korean Contemporary Sculpture, Total museum, Seoul, 1987.
Pusan Art Fastival, Pusan, 1986.
Today – 10 Contemporary Sculptors, Batanggol Gallery, Seoul, 1986.
Contemporary Prints in Korea and Japan, Shimonoseki City Art Museum, Japan, 1986.
’85 Korea Modern Art Festival, National Mordern Art Museum, Seoul, 1985.
Seoul Gallery Open Show, Seoul, 1985.
“Today -Pusan Sculpture” Exhibition, Pusan, 1985.
’84 Korea Modern Art Festival, National Mordern Art Museum, Seoul, 1984.
10 Sculptors Show, Pusan, 1984.

Selected Press

Kim, Won Bong. Contemporary Art in the Theater of Cruelty, Yea Kyung Press, Seoul, 1998.
Art World Magazine, “Disintegration, fabrication and Extention” by Park, Young Teak, February 1997.
Commentary by Kim, Won Bong. Exhibition Catalogue, CK Studio, December 1996.
Wlgan Misool Art Magazine, “Artist Highlight” by Hong, Dea Il,February 1995.
Commentary by Hong, Dea Il. Artist Statement, Exhibition Catalogue, Space Saemteo Gallery, Seoul, December 1994.
HanKook Ilbo Newspaper, Seoul, November 1990.
Space Art Magazine, “Semantics of Representation and Life-world Narration” by Kim, Bok Yong, December 1988.
Commentary by Kim, Bok Yong. Exhibition Catalogue, Lotte Art Gallery, Seoul, November 1988.
Artist Statement, Exhibition Catalogue, Kim, Czong Ho Sculpture 1980-1987, Pusan Gallery, April 1987.
Hyang Jang Magazine, “Seed-I” by Kim, Czong Ho, June 1987.
Commentary by Kim, Bok Yong. Exhibition Catalogue, Korea Culture and Arts Foundation Fine Art Center, February 1986.
Gye Gan Mi Sool Art Magazine, “Season Highlight Artist” by Yoo, Jun Sang, Sunner 1983.
Korea Times, Seoul, March 30, 1983.
Artist Statement, Exhibition Catalogue, Seoul American Cultural Center, March 1983.
Art Speak, New York, “A Sculptor Whose Involvement is with Art Now” January 1982.
Korean US News, New York, January 21, 1982.
Cho Sun Ilbo Newspaper, Seoul, September 28, 1979.

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